GDPR Update

Feb 20, 2020
John Asplet

Everyone really likes paying more money for ‘additional registrations’ for seemingly little benefit!

The Government of Jersey has made it a requirement from 1st January 2020 that anyone who “controls personal data” or “processes personal information” must register with the Jersey Office Of The Information Commissioner, and pay a fee of around £70.

If you have already visited the website of and been through the registration then well done. Make sure you have also checked through your data protection obligations under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 and how it helps you maintain client and staff trust.

For those of you that haven’t registered, and if you have a company, then you most certainly will need to register by following the link, and you need to complete this process before the new extended deadline of 29th February.

Sole trader’s probably should register as well as it is likely that you will hold some personal details of your customers, but the waters are a little muddier. 

The site is designed to guide you through the registration process, and it is likely that you are just a data controller, but this may not be the case in some organisations, so do make sure you check. In either event you will need to appoint a data protection lead, which will probably be yourself. 

If you need help with the process then feel free to contact us at GS, however there will be an additional charge for either completing the registration process for you or providing you with assistance.